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Hermitage bar is set in the main house, circa 1600's. the setting does not get much better. Spending time with Richie sampling their rum selection is a vacation highlight for any rum enthusiast or rum novice Their rum punch is made from a 350 year old recipe that is made with only fresh mountain citrus and local rum.  

Crowned Monkey Rum Bar located at the Four Seasons Resort Nevis not only has a very extensive selection of rums to please the most discerning rum drinker, they are also the exclusive destination for their own privately bottled 14yr old finest West Indian rum called Crowned Monkey Rum, bottled at 46%ABV. A truly exceptional rum.

Montpelier has a great selection of rhums from Martinique and Guadeloupe, as well as fine premium aged rums from around the Caribbean, South and Central America. A must stop for anyone looking to celebrate rum in a fabulous historical setting.

Yachtsman Grill located on the beach at Hamilton Villas offers a good selection of rums. A diverse selection to choose from and staff to create your favourite classic rum cocktail

Banana's doing a fantastic job representing rum with a growing selection of discerning rums, Good food, good atmosphere, good drinks. Some very rare and fine rums not to be found elsewhere.



Nevis is developing into a great destination for the rum connoisseur, bars and restaurants are increasingly stocking the finest rums available from all over the world. You can go out every night and sample great premium rums at each venue while enjoying the fine cuisine from Nevis's best restaurants.

Watch this site for more listings of places on Nevis developing great choices with RUM


Celebrating rum with passion